Does Anyone Know a Good Handyman?

Gee, it’s awfully hard to find a handyman or handywoman these days. Someone affordable, who can provide electrical, carpentry and plumbing services. I’ve searched, asked neighbors and friends. No one seems to have a recommendation. How can that be? Meanwhile, doctors, lawyers, and financial planners seem to be everywhere. Always advertising their services. You can hardly turn around without tripping over them.

American Airlines

On a recent trip to San Francisco, the in-flight magazine profiled The Top Doctors in America. I’d never considered flying to Nashville to meet an orthopedic surgeon. Or to Los Angeles for a plastic surgery consultation. Or to Baltimore to visit an Ob/Gyn (but then that would be just silly). Pages and pages of physicians reaching out across the country. Each one guaranteed to be the best in his/her field.


And relaxing in front of the television watching Judge Judy (I’m a sucker for a woman who says kerfuffle), the commercials begin for lawyers. Lots of catchy tunes. One rides a motorcycle without a helmet and sports an extremely tight tee-shirt displaying a buff physique (I’m just saying). Another pair is a husband and wife team. They seem happily married, smiling for the camera (but who can really tell?). Then, there’s this huge office staff, one after another claiming to represent the law firm. That explains why, if you call,  you’re guaranteed to never speak to the two lawyers they’re actually promoting. That seems odd.

I take my steak medium rare

Financial planners are constantly inviting me to fancy dinners at high-end restaurants. I’ve yet to accept, but I’ve been tempted. I love Morton’s and Ruths’ Chris, but financial planners… not so much. And still, I think it might be my duty to explore those offers. I hate to think of all that good food going to waste.

But no handypersons

So where are the handypersons? Someone to hang a light fixture, fix a closet door, paint a back fence, and repair a garbage disposal. They’ve gone the way of the dinosaur. Or they’ve specialized. They’ve become professional electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. Now those firms seem to be everywhere,  advertising next to the doctors, lawyers and the financial planners. But they aren’t offering fancy steak dinners. I wish they were. Gosh, I love steak!

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