Designing My Book Cover: “Oh Magoo – You’ve Done it Again!”

Ever stumble around in the dark? Hit your big toe? Struggle to find the light – only to trip over the dog?  Well then, you know all about my journey to design a book cover.

And because I had no clue what the heck I was doing, I was just lucky enough to have a friend in the publishing business. His name is Jeff and he works out of San Francisco and is very active with the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

Now Jeff is one of these unassuming guys. He rarely talks about what he does. But every now and then, he might share a story about a new book he’d recently worked on. He’d discuss the layout, design, and some interesting fact about the author. He might even have a copy of the book to show. And it was all very fast and casual. If you looked down once, it was over, and he was on to another topic.

But that was before I wrote my novel, The Intersect.

Now I’ve discovered my friend Jeff is brilliant. I hang on every word he utters about book publishing and production. In fact, I could listen to Jeff talk all day long.

And so by now, you probably know, Jeff not only designed the cover and lay out for my book, but has practically taught me everything I know about publishing. From website design, to mail chimp, to production on demand, I’ve been blessed to have such smart friend to lead me along the journey.

Mr. Magoo should be so lucky!

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