Fast Food for a Slow Eater?

It’s true. I eat fast food every now and then. You know the places. Sticky tables, dirty bathrooms, and lots of screaming kids. It happens mostly on road trips. And though I’m a picky eater, I have to admit the food is pretty good. I guess there’s no accounting for taste (I couldn’t resist that little play on words. Forgive me).

What’s the deal with the soda?

Most fast-food joints offer patrons free refills even when sodas are sold in a small, medium or large size. So why would anyone buy a large drink when they can refill the cheaper size? Perhaps it has something to do with walking back to the fountain for a refill. Or maybe folks just prefer the large cup. I’m sure they’ve done lots of market research on this, but frankly, it has me stumped.

Say it’s not true

Now, I don’t particularly like soda. A small cola is more than enough. To be honest, the carbonation gives me heartburn. Or maybe it’s the burger and fries. Thank goodness they don’t offer free refills on the fries. Especially at McDonald’s. Those fries are damn good. But you have to eat them quickly. If you allow them to cool, they take on a rubbery consistency. But piping hot, stand back. It’s french fry time!

Fried chicken … the guilty pleasure

And talking about good, who could resist a bucket of southern fried chicken? Friends rave about Church’s. When I was a kid, fried chicken was the only thing I’d eat at a restaurant. Back then, it was a staple. But in today’s health-conscious world, it’s impossible to find fried chicken on a menu. When we lived in California, there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken in downtown Mill Valley. That particular one, as I recall, was busted twice for drugs. I’m certain that wasn’t part of Colonel Sander’s plan, but with recreational marijuana now approved in California, I can’t imagine a better point of distribution.


And how could I write a blog about fast food without mentioning Culver’s? If you haven’t been, come to Phoenix and I’ll take you. My treat. Bring the whole family. That’s because Culver’s has the best fast food, not to mention, the most wonderful frozen custard. Unfortunately, they post the calories on the big board behind the register. They should take that down. It ruins the experience. Is it worth eating frozen custard when it’s only 75 degrees out? Hit triple digits—and we don’t care about calories. Heck, we’re in survival mode. And nothing makes a tastier survival treat than Culver’s frozen custard. I personally recommend the chocolate malted. Just saying.

Am I alone?

So let me know about your favorite fast-food place. I won’t judge. In the meantime, check out Culver’s frozen custard. Yum!

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