Is Your Refrigerator A Mess?

I wish my refrigerator was spanking new. Perfectly clean with all my favorite foods lined up on shelves that sparkled. Labels facing front so that you can read them. Tupperware neatly stacked. No crumbs or wet spots anywhere.

A little OCD?

Yes, I’m neat, but not a neat freak. I don’t mind if a drawer is messy—as long as it’s closed. The bedroom closet may need some straightening up, but not every day. And frankly, I’m okay with the state of the garage. Of course, it’s easy to pass through there quickly. Really—who lingers in a garage? But the refrigerator feels different. Maybe that’s because I spend so much time looking inside of it.


Think of how a trained chef dresses a plate.  It’s more than just the food—it’s about eye appeal. How the colors balance. How the shapes contrast. It’s lending an artistic eye so that everything presents in an appetizing way to heighten the experience.

Older Models

The fact is, older homes come with older refrigerators. I’ve tried taking apart our refrigerator and washing out every nook and cranny. I’ve even tried ordering new shelves and drawers, but everything is out of stock. Discontinued can be such an ugly word. 

One day

If dreams come true, one day I will look inside our refrigerator and be overwhelmed by its sparkling brilliance. All my favorite foods will be lined up in beautifully coordinated containers. A loving voice will say—Brad, what would you like to eat? The fruit bin is empty but we have chocolate cake, rice pudding, and ice cream. It’s possible. Anything is possible! Like the improvement in refrigerators from 1946 to 1956 (the year of my birth).  The lovely Betty Furness is our guide. Check it out.












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