Phoenix Calling the LGBTQ Community

Whenever I check out the list of popular travel destinations for the LGBTQ community, it never seems to include the Phoenix metropolitan area. San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Rehoboth Beach, Boston, even Chicago, all seem to make the grade. But not Phoenix.

Perhaps that’s because Phoenix sits squarely in Arizona with its reputation as a red state, even though in the most recent nail-biting election, the political pundits thought Arizona evidenced strong shades of blue. Certainly Phoenix, Tempe, Flagstaff, Sedona and Bisbee, run blue. Bluer than the Mediterranean in the summer. Bluer than a Vegas cocktail. Bluer than the eyes of that bartender taking your order at AZ88, a popular bar in Scottsdale. Alas Scottsdale, where many of our resorts gather, remains a strong Republican bastion, even though everyone, as you’d expect in a resort town, is happily welcomed.

Or maybe, we’re still suffering under the shadow of the SB1070 legislation signed into law in 2010 by former Governor, Jan Brewer. Enacted to combat illegal immigration, SB1070 gave license to illegal stop and search. Profiling ensued, scaring the hell out of everybody. Eventually, the legislation was deemed unconstitutional and the Feds pressed charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Coincidently, Arpaoi lost his bid for re-election. The good guys prevailed.

So I get it’s hot in the summer. I get the scary reputation. I even understand that once the damage is done, it’s hard to come back. Think Mel Gibson. Think Bill Cosby. I totally get it. But there’s more to consider. Much more.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is perhaps one of the friendliest places to visit. Most Arizonan’s hail from elsewhere. Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, to just name three states that seem to regularly feed the population. And the weather from October to April is absolutely gorgeous. Think Miami without the humidity. Think San Francisco without the fog and fear of earthquake. Think New York City without the snow and grime. Think Chicago without the wind chill. The weather is lovely in Phoenix through most of the year.

So this is my invitation. Come back to Phoenix. Give it a try. Check out our fabulous resorts. Enjoy the bars, the amazing food, and of course, the hospitality. Explore our city and see why Phoenix welcomes everyone.

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