Proud to be an American

Okay – it’s been a rough go. Tough and tumble election. Nastiness that has set everyone on edge – with a surprise wallop of an ending. But now it’s over and I think the big winner is America.

I don’t say that because I’m in love with Trump. Because I’m not. His claims of a rigged election were outrageous and inflammatory. The things he said still leave me shaking my head.

Nonetheless, I’m proud to live in a country where neither the media, nor the pollsters, nor the political pundits, get to decide the election. Elections are decided when the American people go to the polls and vote. And America has voted. Say what you want and grumble as you might, America has spoken. You may not like it – but that is the process.

Now, I pray that he can pull it all together. That he understands the immense responsibility of representing “all the people”. That the behaviors he espoused during the campaign were purely theatrics to rev up the crowd. Because we will all be watching him like a hawk. Democrats and Republicans alike. Independents and Libertarians. All eyes will be on him to move the country forward.

And remember. Trump is the president-elect, not the king. If we don’t like what is happening in Washington, we have another election in two years.

That’s America for you.

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