Seven Things I’ve Learned Blogging

Today is the last day of my 21-day blogging challenge. It has been an interesting experience and here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. Blogging isn’t all that difficult. Like anything else you write, it just takes self-awareness. Being fully present in the world helps to identify subjects that peek your interest.
  2. Like that pesky novel that took three years to complete, the first draft is never perfect. Like all good things, it takes time.
  3. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the easier it is.
  4. Think about the reader. It’s easy to scratch out something that appeals only to you, but as a writer, you’re part of the world. And though professionals might advise avoiding politics and religion, if that is what captures your imagination and resonates with your audience – write about it.
  5. Enjoy the time that you spend crafting your blog. If you approach it like a task to be accomplished, it’ll read that way.
  6. There are no rules. Prose, bullet points, short paragraphs, videos, pictures, embedded music – whatever floats your boat – that’s what you should do. And if you’re a purist – relying only on your wit, you’re not alone. Long after the bells and whistles have faded, the writing will stand the test.

Finally, blogging is just another word. Nothing to be scared about. Nothing to feel overwhelmed by. Just sit back and relax. If you can manage a decent conversation with friends – blogging should be a piece of cake.

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  • Jack Dermody says:

    For sure, this challenge blogging has been pure fun. What’s not to like? Posts are short, about 300 words. You can count on your fellow ‘contestants’ to read them. Laura’s prompts and deadlines work for me, that’s for sure. I’m excited every day reading yours and our colleagues blogfood every single day. Personally, I am on fire again as a writer and am GRATEFUL. Cheers!

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