The Morning Blend: My First Television Interview

The Morning Blend: My First Television Interview

I did it. Today I appeared on KGUN9’s Morning Blend in Tucson and discussed my novel The Intersect.

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep too well the night before – wondering how I’d be able to condense my thoughts into the 5-minute segment allotted for the book. When you write a novel of 460-pages with 8 main characters and lots of twists and turns, it’s a challenge to think about how you’ll be able to communicate anything in under five minutes.

But I was surprisingly prepared. You see, when I did the interview, I had a very special group of people in mind.

For the past 8 months, I’ve been regularly attending the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion Meet-up run by Laura Orsini. Each meeting begins with authors going around the room and quickly providing a snapshot recap of their book. And though I’ve often struggled with that particular moment, I clearly had learned something important from the experience. So when the cameras were rolling, I was able to discuss the novel with clarity. Frankly, it felt like a miracle to be able to speak confidently and enthusiastically.

It’s odd to admit – but when you spend so much time in your head creating plot twists and dialogue – you’re a bit afraid that you’ve lost the gift of gab. Social skills can easily get rusty. And though you might be able to find the right word after a few edits in a draft – we don’t often get a 2nd chance in a conversation.

Today, I’m kind of proud of myself. Not only did I write an engaging novel but I was able to properly articulate its essence.

Things are looking up.



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