Where’s the Shift?

I’ve been driving Jeff’s new car. A Lincoln MKC. And much to my surprise, the whole thing is push button. The entire shift mechanism is gone. You have to literally point and touch your way to park, reverse and drive. Great for keeping your mind agile.

Change for changes sake

Every now and then, there’s an older person who plows through a crowd. That’s due to confusion between the gas pedal and the brake. And yet, with the graying of America, cars continue to change. Haven’t we learned anything? Fortunately, Ford has modified the once complicated My Ford Touch. They’ve gone back to the manual radio and temperature control system. Thank goodness. Traveling at 75 mph on the highway and trying to figure out how to make those changes was a death defying feat. Common sense has prevailed.

So how’s the ride?

Amazing. Detroit couldn’t have made a better car. It’s luxurious and comfortable. The seats won’t inflame your sciatica. The only real problem with the car is that it’s not mine. Okay. We do share and share alike. But, in the end, the Lincoln is Jeff’s to drive. I’m still in a 2009 Honda Fit. Utilitarian. Small. Gas Efficient. And a hell of a ride—if you want to feel every pot hole in the road.


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