Can Popcorn Ruin Your Teeth?

The American Dental Association is on record about flossing. Despite rumors, the ADA still recommends it. If you don’t believe me, check out It’s all there in black and white. Missing, however, is a warning about popcorn. Someone definitely needs to send a letter.

Binge eating

Yesterday, I opened a huge tub of popcorn that we received during the holidays. Actually, there are three types of popcorn in the tin – white cheese, cinnamon roll, and caramel. I found the caramel irresistible. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

When we first received the tin in the mail, we agreed to give it away. Then we hid it in the garage. Yes, I know – that makes no sense. But that’s how we roll. We have trouble parting with things we love.

The Plan

We hoped to serve the popcorn when we next had company. Huge bowls filled to the brim. Of course, to do so requires that we remember where the popcorn is stashed. I’ve been practicing. As mature adults, we need to keep our memories sharp. I heard that on NPR.

Where is it?

Now our garage lies on the other side of the house. Quite a distance from our family room where we watch television in the evening. During the commercials, I managed to dash across that distance in record time holding a super duper red plastic cup in hand. Four different times back and forth. Even the dog was impressed by my speed.

Sugar Addiction

The sugary crunch of caramel corn is almost primal. By the fourth cup, I was ready to howl at the moon. But I didn’t. Our dog doesn’t like loud noises. Instead, I let the sugary goodness seep into my soul.

Gosh, I love my sugar.

Afterward, I dutifully flossed and flossed and flossed. And since caramel corn is hard to get out, I used dental tape, releasing another serving from my rear molars.

The Next Morning

My teeth ached. As I sipped my coffee, I noticed a disturbing sensitivity. It was as if I’d been grinding my teeth all night.

Then and there, I swore off any more popcorn. Or, decided to change the hiding place in the garage. Or, to eat smaller portions. Or, go easier with the dental tape. Something like that.

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