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Graber brings to life six degrees of separation like never before. We all relate to the complex relationships—unpredictable, heartwarming, excruciating—couldn’t put it down.” —Lauren T., St. Louis, MO

What a pleasure to immerse oneself in these characters, as their lives unfold and connect with each other. This is such an engaging read! The characters are rich and varied—you’ll meet real people here. This novel provides an effortless read—the pages will seem to turn themselves.” —Nina S., San Francisco, CA

Beautifully told by Brad Graber . . . I found myself thinking that I was one of the characters and interacting with those around me. It was really only when I closed the book that I really realized that I had only been reading.” —Reviews by Amos Lassen

Kudos to Graber for capturing the soul of these complex stories and weaving them into a masterful tapestry. Be prepared to cradle each character in your heart, even the dreadful ones, because halfway through the book, you can’t help but see in them your own strengths and vulnerabilities. I can honestly say that after reading The Intersect, I developed a broadened perspective on the human spirit. Graber gave me the chance to walk in the shoes of others—and for that, I now view some closely held beliefs with a slightly different focus.” —Joe S., Fountain Hills, AZ

THE INTERSECT, the socially relevant debut from Brad Graber, is an obvious labor of love that is heavily detailed—not only in the connective tissue of the relating characters, but also in their development, and in the world they inhabit.” —IndieReader